Albert Albert Albert Albert


Species: Lowland Gorilla

Albert's favourite places are forests and swamps, but he's happy to appear at any venue. Aquariums aren’t ideal however, as he has a penchant for small turtles.

Albert is an authentic Western Lowland, who can be entertaining and informative. After all it isn’t often you’re close to a species usually found in the cloud forests of Angola, unless you’re Sir David Attenborough. Don’t be deterred by the unnerving moments in his Gorilla encounters by the way, as we guarantee meeting Albert will be hazard-free.


Western Lowland Gorillas are the smallest sub-species of Gorilla and Albert is a typical example of a fully grown large male, standing completely upright at approximately 6' tall.


Our primate handlers accompany the Gorillas and make sure they behave. They're rarely naughty though as like humans, they have individual fingerprints which dissuades them from mischief, as it’s no fun when you’re bound to be found out. As every venue is different, we run through all the practicalities with each client individually.

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