Anne Anne


Species: Alien

On Anne’s home planet deep in the Andromeda Galaxy, degrees of thinning hair signify progress towards divine wisdom and baldness is considered an emulation of the gods.

Anne came here as a missionary, but was bemused by the teachings of her shiny- headed brethren like Kojak and Vin Diesel. Then when she realised the Andromedan gods had chosen Homer Simpson as one of their representatives on Earth, she completely abandoned her faith and now delights in the irreverence of show business.


Approximately 6'


Anne’s personal assistants are always close at hand when she’s at work to help with her beauty routine. This involves enhancing the luster of her forehead with French polishing techniques, or just a quick buff with the Mr. Sheen if time is short. As every venue is different, we run through all the practicalities with each client individually.

Cost Information

Our prices are flexible depending on the nature and length of the booking. We always aim to offer competitive packages and acknowledge repeat bookings in our costs. Please contact us for a quote for your specific requirements.

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