Dakota Dakota Dakota


Species: Triceratops

Dakota is a real softie who's been flying the flag for vegetarianism since pre-history. She was affronted to learn her species’ name means ‘Titanic Horn Face’ (who wouldn’t be?) and please don’t mistake her for a Rhinoceros, as this makes her cantankerous.

A magnificent and accurate model of her breed, Dakota’s portly frame causes a stir at events and creates fascination in educational settings.


One third scale: Height 140cm, maximum width 85cm, length 240cm


Dakota travels with her handlers who are trained in dinosaur care. As every venue is different, we run through all the practicalities with each client individually. Stardom hasn’t gone to her head and she makes few demands, but please be aware that her herbivorous diet and voracious appetite mean she can’t be trusted around floral displays.

Cost Information

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Watch Dakota in action

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