Harry Harry


Species: Alien

Harry and Harriet come from a planet of philosophical thinkers. They’re not distracted from their contemplations by outward appearance as they all look the same, and when you’re thin, green and bald your bum never looks big and there’s no such thing as a bad hair day.

They get highly offended if you can’t tell them apart however, as their ideologies are very different. Unfortunately we don’t understand a word they say though, so it’s lucky we spotted a slight difference in their expressions, and have avoided any hissy fits thanks to Harry looking like he’s just missed the bus and Harriet as if she's sucking a sherbet lemon.


Both approximately 6'


Harry and Harriet are happy to make appearances on their own or together. Their assistants travel with them and perform the necessary practical tasks to get them through the day; when you’re busy hypothesising about the nature of existence, it can be tricky to press the right button on the coffee machine for example. As every venue is different, we run through all the practicalities with each client individually.

Cost Information

Our prices are flexible depending on the nature and length of the booking. We always aim to offer competitive packages and acknowledge repeat bookings in our costs. Please contact us for a quote for your specific requirements.

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