HP5 and 1PW HP5 and 1PW

HP5 and 1PW

Species: Robot

These brawny boys look mean, but they’re harmless humanoids with nice manners and brains like bacon slicers. In fact their brains may even be bacon slicers, as they are actually just ingeniously built, highly tuned and beautifully polished scrap heaps on legs.

Despite their machismo they enjoy dressing up, so are always game for a re-spray to match corporate colours or sport a company logo. They cause a stir wherever they appear and pride themselves on their acting skills, perfected through studying the performances of their screen idols C-3PO, Optimus Prime and Rodney Copperbottom.


Height 250 cm, maximum width 135cm, deepest point 50cms


The Robots will appear individually or together. They bring their assistants to oversee their work, administer WD-40 to creaking joints and apply T-Cut to grazes. As every venue is different, we run through all the practicalities with each client individually.

Cost Information

Our prices are flexible depending on the nature and length of the booking. We always aim to offer competitive packages and acknowledge repeat bookings in our costs.
Please contact us for a quote for your specific requirements.

Watch HP5 and 1PW in action

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