Robots Live is back!

Thursday, 09 May 2013 19:28

Some of the Millennium Live characters will be appearing at the annual Robots Live event on Sunday 16th June at the National Museum of Flight, East Fortune.

See sparks fly in the arena as battle takes place in 'Robot Wars', get up close to animatronic creatures, solder your own electronic device and meet the engineers shaping our futures.

Here's Tyrone hogging the limelight and charming the crowds at last year's event!


Behold and alien extravaganza!

Monday, 22 April 2013 18:41

A team of Millennium Live's aliens were lucky enough to be background artists in the current series of Doctor Who (BBC1). Take a look at the behind the scenes footage below to see how they faired on-set...look out for Rusty , Tim , Clive and George, and we're excited that a number of the others you'll see are currently in training ready to start working with us very soon!


Rusty and friends get their small screen break as background artists

Sunday, 21 April 2013 08:31

Some of Millennium Live’s new recruits have just made their screen debut - as background artists in the BBC’s cult sci-fi show Doctor Who!

It was a perfect way to introduce a bunch of aliens to the world of screen acting, and they were unfazed by the cameras. They even performed with The Doctor himself in alien marketplace scenes in the episode 'The Rings of Akhaten', and although starstruck, remained professional throughout!

Rusty the Cyborg particularly enjoyed being in the spotlight (below left). Some of the others featured in these stills are currently finishing their training to become fully-fledged members of the Millennium Live team – look out for Barry, Fred, Anne, Doris, Dave, Harry and Harriet on the characters page soon...

rusty montage



Otto the Bollywood star

Friday, 19 April 2013 20:46

We’re very excited to announce Otto’s movie debut! He has a major role in up-coming Bollywood action comedy Yamla Pagla Deewana 2 (YPD2), directed by Sangeeth Sivan. It’s the sequel to the 2011 hit feature Yamla Pagla Deewana and is expected to release on June 7th 2013.

Take a look at the official trailer below – Otto first appears at 0:30 and from then on in he’s in the thick of the action - we just hope his big screen success doesn’t go to his head....


HP5 and IPW storm into 'Doctor Who'

Saturday, 16 March 2013 00:00

Our resident robots HP5 and IPW have been rather put out at the amount of attention Tyrone has been getting, following his appearance in Doctor Who. Undersatandable really considering they appeared in the same episode, 'Dinosaurs on a Spaceship' this autumn, but as their species didn't get a name check in the title, their performance has been somewhat overlooked!

Here are some pictures of them on-set to confirm they appeared alongside the Doctor himself:

screen_shot_2013-02-05_at_17.01.51 screen_shot_2013-02-05_at_17.02.48

They also feature in the 'Behind the Scenes' footage below, which is a great watch for Who fans, well done boys!


We're now on Facebook and Twitter!

Sunday, 10 February 2013 22:49

If you fancy following what we're up to as it happens, you can now like us on Facebook here and follow us on Twitter here !

screen_shot_2013-02-09_at_12.25.33 screen_shot_2013-02-09_at_12.26.17


Abert's jungle jamboree

Friday, 25 January 2013 10:51

It's not often you get the opportunity to see behind the scenes footage of our characters at work, as they rarely let the cameras catch them whilst preparing to perform. However on a shoot in the depths of a Malaysian jungle last year, Albert allowed some incidental filming to be done as he warmed up to appear in a commercial for Russian communications company Tele2.

As you'll see, it's all glamour on-set when you're a leading man. This also shows the finished commercial which has the feel of a Bond movie we think - look out Daniel Craig!


A screen star in the making

Monday, 14 January 2013 16:03

Otto is getting used to life in the spotlight after doing a fair few acting jobs since joining Millennium Live's ranks last year, so he's had his own showreel made to show off his talents. We think you'll agree the camera loves him!


Mind the gap.....

Monday, 14 January 2013 15:54

Last week Tyrone took a surprise trip on the London Underground where he enjoyed roaming around to mark the return of ITV1's smash hit sci-fi series Primeval, starring Hannah Spearritt and Andrew-Lee Potts, below right. What a sight for sore eyes!

Photos courtesy of Premier Entertainments Art Culture

mc_dino_010_2 mc_dino_006_1 hannnah


Otto sports some swimwear on screen

Monday, 14 January 2013 15:39

Otto our resident Orangutan was delighted to land a part starring in a commercial for Freska Chocolate Wafters in Egypt at the end of 2012, working with production company Melon Films.

He headed off in anticipation of a distinguished role inkeeping with the country he was filming in - a Pharaoh maybe, but on arrival discovered the part actually involved him donning a green two-piece and belly dancing for his fee!

Unless you speak Egyptian Arabic you probably won't understand a word of this but we bet you'll laugh anyway, never mind Otto!


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