Otto Otto Otto Otto


Species: Orangutan

Otto is originally from Borneo but has settled into the UK well, despite its lack of rainforests and distinctly un-tropical climate.

He is gentle and easy going, but can get disgruntled over derogatory comments about ginger hair. He is a born multi-tasker, as his opposable big toes mean he can pick things up with his feet as well as his hands, and his ambition is to play a piano duet by himself.


Otto is a strapping lad for an Orangutan, and stands at approximately 5' 10" tall


Otto brings his keepers to appearances, to look after him and feed him his beloved figs. He usually concentrates admirably at work, but please be aware that Figgy Pudding can prove a terrible distraction for him at Christmas events. As every venue is different, we run through all the practicalities with each client individually.

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